Hepatitis is a very serious sexually transmitted disease that if left untreated can be fatal. Learn about hepatitis signs and symptoms and how to protect yourself against hepatitis. Teen safe sex practices are critical for preventing the spread of hepatitis. In these articles we will discuss hepatitis treatment options and hepatitis statistics for sexually active teens.

Hepatitis Treatment

Depending on the level of severity of the hepatitis B infection, there are not many treatment options for those who have chronic hepatitis B. This article explores hepatitis treatment options and what can be done to prevent contracting the disease in the first place.

Hepatitis Symptoms

Hepatitis B is a disease mostly known for its ability to be transferred during unprotected sexual contact. Understanding the hepatitis symptoms associate with the disease is important in helping stopping the spread of the disease and to seeking early treatment.

Hepatitis Statistics

Hepatitis B is one of easiest forms of hepatitis to contract. With so many people around the world being infected with the disease, it is important for sexually active teens and adults to know the hepatitis statistics so they can understand the risks.

Hepatitis Prevention

Hepatitis is a harmful disease that has many forms. Hepatitis B is most known for being passed through sexual contact. Fortunately, there is a vaccine available for adults and children to practice hepatitis prevention. This can help prevent hepatitis transmission.