CategoryParenting Teens

Parenting a teen is always a challenge. To help meet those challenges, read articles on house rules and rewards and consequences. Article here Include information about troubled teen programs, troubled teen schools, boot camps, military schools, and other teen help options.

Homework Tips for Parents

Homework Help for Teens. If you are a parent with a teenager – help them with homework. Give your teen the tools to succeed by helping with homework and school projects. Homework tips and ideas on how parents can help their child make the grade.

College Preparation Tips

College Preparation – Get your teenager ready for college early. Learn important things your teenager needs to do to prep for college. Here are some tips to help prepare your teen for that college or university.

Typical Teenage Behavior

What is Typical Teen Behavior? Get info if you have a rebellious teenager with bad behavior for defiant teens, struggling adolescents, and wayward youth. Get the typical behavior info for rebellious teens.

Setting Rules for Teens

Setting rules for teens is a challenge parents face when parenting a teenager. This article includes tips on dating rules, driving rules, house rules, breaking rules, consequences of breaking rules, and guidelines for disciplining youth.

Finding an Educational Consultant

Finding an educational consultant to fit a troubled teens individual needs can be difficult. If your teen is having trouble in school, an Educational Consultant can be of great help. Learn how to find and use an educational consultant in this article.

Discussing the Birds and the Bees

Discussing the birds and the bees with your children and teens is important. Age appropriate talk about sex can prevent many serious consequences. Here are some tips to helping your teen understand the consequences of sex and how to have healthy teen relationships.

Discipline – Help for Parents of Teens

Child Discipline and Teenage Discipline for parents of youth. Get help disciplining your child or teenager. Tips and ideas on how to create rules and discipline your child, kid, youth, or teen.

10 Tips On Allowance

Allowance Tips for Parents. Get help on determining kids allowance for your child or teen. Dos and Don’ts of child allowance for parents of youth and teenagers. Allowance for good grades, chores, and good behavior as well as teaching a child money management skills.

Teen Runaways

Find out why teens runaway, statistical info on teenage runaways, where they go, how long teens are typically on the run according to stats, and tips on teen runaway prevention in this article.

Does Your Teen Need Help

Does your teen need help? Troubled teen help for struggling teens and youth. Get help for a troubled teenager, or defiant teen. This article defines signs that your teenager may need help.