CategoryTeen Nutrition & Fitness

Teen nutrition and fitness is an increasingly big issue as technology is replacing physical activity in the life of many teens. Teen obesity statistics continue to increase as poor nutrition and inadequate physical activity are becoming more and more prevalent. Teens need to learn proper nutrition requirements and find life-long interests that will keep them physically active throughout their lives.

Teen Nutrition

Nutrition during the teenage years is very important. Eating healthy can be hard especially for the on-the-go teens. Readers will find facts on proper teen nutrition, effects of poor teen nutrition, ways to get teens to eat healthy foods.

Sports Participation Rates & Benefits

Sports Participation statistics and extra curricular activities stats. Benefits of school sports and participation by teenagers, adolescents, and youth in school sports teams like football, basketball, softball, volleyball, and other sports.

What is Teen Cellulite

Cellulite Causes, Treatment, and Reduction of cellulite help. Get information on therapy or treatment for cellulite to reduce fat through excercise and eating healthy. Get rid of cellulite.

Teen Obesity Statistics, Causes, & Effects

Teen obesity is on the rise. The number of overweight teens is growing rapidly. Readers will find statistics on overweight and obese teenagers, reasons why teens are obese, effects of teen obesity, and how to prevent a teenager from becoming obese.

Teen Exercise

Teen exercise is an important part of overall teen health. Learn the benefits of exercise programs for teens. Tips on motivating your teen to exercise. Make exercise fun for teenagers through sports, activities, and outings.

Obesity Statistics by State

Recently, I was reading about obesity problems, statistics on obesity, and eating disorder facts. Then I did some searching online for obesity on Google News