CategoryTeens & Technology

Teens and technology topics address issues involving technology use in the life of teenagers. See how teen technology use can affect social skills and development as well as the risks teenagers face with social media, cyber bullying, identity theft. Teen technology use is also very beneficial, see how teen technology skills and information can be used to benefit teens in education and future careers.

Teen Safety in Chat Rooms

Teen Chat Room safety tips, ideas and help to protect yourself or your teenager from online predators through education on chat room dangers and methods used by predators. Online safety is very important to protect your child or teen online.

Online Safety

Teen Internet use is inevitable, their online safety is crucial. Teens need to know how to handle online pornography, chat rooms, online social networks (MySpace, FaceBook, etc), cyber bullying, solicitations, etc. Learn tips for teen online safety here.

MySpace Safety

Internet social networks like MySpace and FaceBook can be a great place for teens to unite with friends, but online safety precautions need to be taken. Learn how to be safe on MySpace plus best ways to use and have fun with MySpace.

Teens and Facebook

Social networking is all the rage right now. If you don’t use Facebook or MySpace or another site for networking then you know someone who