CategoryTeen Physical Health

Teen physical health articles cover topics related to self mutilation and injury. We will also discuss headaches, sleep disorders, body image and other teen physical health issues. Understanding teen physical health also includes proper grooming and care of your body.

Teen Self-Mutilation and Injury

Teen Self-Mutilation and Teen Self-Injury. Find out why teens cut themselves, how to prevent self-injury, and the warning signs of self mutilation, self cutting, and self-injury of teenagers, youth, and teens.

What is Teen Cutting? Teen Cutting Defined

What is Teen Cutting or Self Cutting? Find out about self mutilation, self-cutting, cutter behavior, and the warning signs of teen cutting / self mutiliation. Get help for a teen cutter and adolescents or teenagers who cut themselves.

Cutting Statistics and Self-Injury Treatment

Self Injury Statistics and Cutting Treatment for troubled youth. Get help for a teen that cuts themselves. Cutting is serious problem – self mutilation and self injury are results of deep-rooted psychological problems. Get teen cutting statistics today.

Why Do I Get Headaches

Why do I get headaches? Learn the triggers and causes of teen headaches, how to prevent headaches, and symptoms for tension or stress type headaches, migraines, and rebound headaches.

Teen Sleep Disorders

There are teen sleep disorders that contribute to tiredness during the day such as sleep apnea, insomnia, and more. Find out more on teen sleep disorders and their affect on teens.

Teen Physical Development

Physical development of teens usually happens during puberty most of these changes are linked to sexual maturation. Readers will find what changes to expect during teen physical development and ways to help teens through the physical changes.

Teen Body Image

Body Image for teens is especially important. Body image can have a direct effect on a teen’s self esteem. Teens with a negative body image are at greater risk for eating disorders, depression, and more teen stress. Learn more about eating disorders, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and how weight and sports can affect body image.

Piercings and Tattoos

Piercings and tattoos can be a way for teens to rebel or explore their identity, but piercings and tattoos can also cause health complications and may be a sign of deeper mental or emotional problems. Parents whose teens want or have piercings or tattoos should be aware of the possible mental and physical health problems associated with piercings and tattoos.

Teen Hygiene Issues

Puberty and adolescent development can cause havoc on a teens body and mind. It is important to be educated about what is happening at this