CategorySkin Care & Grooming

Get tips on teen skin care and grooming habits that will keep your skin, hair, and body healthy and beautiful. Acne and other skin issues are common as teens go through puberty; see which healthy teen habits can help reduce skin problems and how proper grooming skills can help with overall teen health and wellness.

Hair Removal

Get tips and information on temporary or permanent hair removal for teenagers by shaving, electrolysis, waxing, or laser hair removal. What are the best alternatives for teens when it comes to hair removal? More information about armpit shaving, leg shaving and face shaving for teens as well as using creams or waxes for temporary hair removal.

Hair Care

Hair care is an important aspect of caring for yourself during your teenage years, find out more about how to care for your hair whether you have straight hair, curly hair, long hair, or short. Also what to do for dry hair, oily hair, or hair that is a combination of both. Learn what will damage hair the most and what you can do to keep your hair healthy.

Acne Scars

Teen acne scars are caused by severe teen acne, or by teens picking at acne. Using harsh cleansers or scrubbing at acne can also cause scars. Learn about treatment options for acne scars and what you can do to help prevent scars from acne. Be aware of make-up that can make acne worse or for boys, shaving and how it affects acne.

Acne Causes, Treatment, and Skin Care Info

Learn more about what causes Acne (pimples) in teenagers. Most teens suffer from some problems with acne. For some it is much more severe than for others. Genetics may have something to do with this. Find out what acne treatment options are available and the most effective for teens. Get acne medication info and learn about different types of acne. Does all acne leave scars? Get more acne info here.

About Body Odors

Teenagers have enough to worry about with school, clothes, cars, friends and enemies, but dealing with body odors can be even more challenging. Learn why teens may suffer from excessive sweating, bad breath, and stinky feet. Why do we sweat and what can teenagers do to prevent or control bothersome body odors

Teen Hygiene Issues

Puberty and adolescent development can cause havoc on a teens body and mind. It is important to be educated about what is happening at this