Hair Removal

teen hair removal

As a teen, you’ve probably noticed that you are growing more noticeable hair in a variety of new places. For many teenagers, getting rid of this hair is a very real concern. Society determines that there are some places that we should try to keep as hair-free as possibly, especially for teenage girls. However, teenage boys might want to get rid of hair on places like the legs and arms. For some guys, participating in sports like swimming and track, make it socially acceptable to get rid of hair.

Types of teen hair removal

There are several ways that teens can use to get rid of hair. Each type comes with its own tips for successful use. However, most types of teen hair removal are only temporary; you have to keep removing the hair periodically. Only electrolysis can permanently remove hair, and it is quite expensive. Here are the options that can be used for teen hair removal:

  • Electrolysis
  • Shaving
  • Depilatories
  • Waxing
  • Laser

Electrolysis teen hair removal

This can be a rather painful way to remove hair, but is the only way for real permanent hair removal. It involves a needle being stuck into the hair follicle and then killing the root with electricity. This takes several appointments and can result in scarring, dry skin, inflammation and other discomfort. Additionally, it is expensive and takes a great deal of time. Talk to your dermatologist to find out what to look for in a skilled electrologist. Consider only getting smaller areas, like the underarms, upper lip and eyebrows done with this method.

Teen hair removal with shaving

This is one of the more common methods of hair removal for teenagers. This lasts only one to three days before you have to shave again. When shaving, keep in mind that you should:

  • Change blades frequently
  • Shave against the hair growth direction
  • Soften the area with warm water
  • Use moisturizers regularly to keep hair soft
  • Use blades with guard wires

Using depilatories for teenage hair removal

Creams that help teens remove hair are called depilatories. These actually dissolve the hair in such a way that makes it possible for you to wipe or wash the hair away. Some teens find that they have an allergic reaction to this type of hair removal, so try a little bit on a small section of skin first. Also, read the directions carefully and leave the depilatory on your skin only for as long as specified. These can be messy and smelly.

Teen hair removal by waxing

Waxing is growing in popularity as a teen hair removal method. In this method, hot wax is poured over the area, and a cloth strip is laid over that. The wax gets stuck to the strip, and as you rip it away quickly, the hair is ripped out by the roots. Waxing can last three to six weeks. When waxing, it works best when the hair is about a quarter of an inch long. You should skip shaving when you plan to wax for best effect. Avoid waxing if you have diabetes, because you can be more susceptible to infection.

Teen hair removal with lasers

Lasers do not remove hair permanently, but their effects last for about six months. The laser stops growth in the hair follicle, slowing it down until the growth re-starts and the treatment has to be repeated. This works best on people who have dark hair but light skin. Inflammation can result, and cold packs can help cut down on this. You should avoid the sun just after treatment, as this is thought to make the treatment more successful.

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