CategoryTeen Violence & Anger

There are several reasons attributed to teen violence. Read the statistics, risk factors, warning signs and causes of teen violence. Among them: teen anger, gang involvement, violent games, fire setting. Learn how to help prevent teen violence.

Teenage Bullying Statistics

Teen bullying statistics show the prevalence of cyber-bullying, physical violence, and emotional abuse. Youth exposure to violence has a lifelong negative impact.

What Causes Teen Violence

What causes a teen to become violent? Get the stats on teen violence, facts on school violence and school bullying, and information on abusive relationships here. Learn why adolescents become violent and which teens are at risk for violent behaviors.

Teen Violence Statistics

Facts, info, and stats on teen violence and violent teens. Teen violence statistics on teen bullying, school violence, gang activity, suicide. Stats on consequences of violent teenagers.

Teen Violence Risk Factors

Avoid youth programs for troubled teens by learning the risk factors for teen violence. Help prevent dating abuse, school bullying, domestic violence, gang activity, and youth violence by learning about at risk youth groups for teen violence and juvenile crime.

Teen Violence and Video Games

Do video games promote violence? What are the effects of violent video games? Can youth violence, school shootings, juvenile crime, and gang violence be attributed to violent video games and video game ratings? Get the results on teen violence and video games research here.

Teen Gang Involvement

Statistics on teen gang involvement and violence. Definition of a gang and gang activity, teen gang stats, why teens join gangs, and warning signs of gang involvement.

Teen Anger Management

Is your teenager a bully, do they lose their temper, or show other signs of violent teen behavior? Warning signs of teen anger, tips on management of teen anger problems, and more.

Getting Help for Teen Violence

Get teen violence statistics, tips for victims of teenage violence and to help teens deal with bullies or bullying. Find out ways to help violent teens control their anger, temper, or violent tendencies.


Firesetting and Juvenile Arson info. Statistics on youth fire setting and treatment information for teens who set fires. Prevention of teen firesetting, causes of teenage firesetting, and other statistics on youth arson.