CategoryTeen Sexual Abuse & Trauma

Teen sexual abuse and trauma can have life long effects. Learn about the warning signs of teen sexual abuse and how to get help for a sexually abused teen. Trauma from sexual abuse can last for years or throughout one’s life. If you suspect sexual abuse or trauma in a loved one or are experiencing it yourself, seek help immediately.

Date Rape Drugs

There are three main date rape drugs: GHB, rohypnol and ketamine. These drugs are clear, odorless, usually in liquid form, and have such a slight

What is Sexual Abuse?

What is sexual abuse? Teen sexual abuse occurs when a teenager is abused in a sexual manner. Date rape is a form of sexual abuse but there are others. This article defines teen physical sexual abuse and non-physical sexual abuse.

Teen Date Rape

What is teen date rape? This article helps define date rape, date rape drugs, and date rape prevention. Tips on warning signs and how to protect yourself from date rape. Get date rape statistics, facts, and info here.

Sexual Abuse Statistics

Sexual Abuse Stats – Sexual abuse is more common than one might think. Find teen sexual abuse statistics and statistics regarding the report and prosecution of teen sexual abuse in this article.