CategoryBirth Control

Educating teens about birth control options is very important. Teens need to understand how to properly use birth control and the different birth control options that are available to prevent teen pregnancy.

The Morning After Pill

The Morning After Pill – emergency contraception and emergency birth control aka morning after pill to prevent pregnancy. Birth control and emergency contraception with the morning after pill in this article.

Teen Birth Control

Teen birth control – Methods of birth control for teen use including abstinence, barriers, hormonal methods, and spermicides. Includes methods that do not work to prevent pregnancy, condom use, and STD’s.

Teen Condom Use Statistics & Effectiveness

Condom Use and Statistics among teens. Effectiveness of condoms in prevention of birth or sexually transmitted diseases. Contraceptive and Protection through condom use. Get condom statistics and stats.

RU486 – Abortion Pill

RU486, the abortion pill, is an unplanned pregnancy abortion option. This article discusses how the abortion pill works, facts about RU486, and the risks associated with using RU486 to aid in abortion. RU486 is also known as early option, mifepristone, mifeprex, and more.

Plan B – Morning After Pill – More Facts

There are many misconceptions surrounding Plan B – the morning after pill, which is used as emergency contraception for females in cases of failed birth control or unprotected sex. This article looks at the morning after pill facts and who should take it.