CategoryTeen Abuse

Emotional and verbal abuse may be just as damaging to a teen or child as physical and sexual abuse. These articles provide education on different types of child abuse – emotional, verbal, physical and sexual abuse – and statistics and facts about the effects of child abuse.

Teen Dating Violence

Teen dating violence is an all too real reality for those that live it. Statistics show that 1 in 3 teens have been in an

Teenage Bullying Statistics

Teen bullying statistics show the prevalence of cyber-bullying, physical violence, and emotional abuse. Youth exposure to violence has a lifelong negative impact.

What is Verbal Abuse

What is verbal abuse? Teen verbal abuse can turn to emotional abuse, physical abuse, and other violent behaviors. This article defines verbal abuse and offers help with a verbally abusive teenager.

Emotional Abuse

Get Emotional Abuse statistics, definition, and warning signs in this article about emotional child abuse of a teen, adolescent, or child. Recognize the warning signs early on and get help for emotional abuse.

Child Abuse Statistics

Child abuse statistics, article about child abuse and the facts, stats, and warning signs of child abuse. Verbal abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse of a child. Effects and Prevention of Child abuse.