CategoryLearning Disabilities

One of the biggest problems regarding child learning disabilities is they go undiagnosed. These articles provide help and information for a those with a teen learning disability. We will also discuss types of learning disabilities and signs and symptoms of common teen learning disabilities.

Teen Learning Disability Statistics

Facts and statistics on teens or children with a learning disability. See how much learning disabilities that are not dealt with contribute to problems in our society. Learn how helping your teen deal with his/her learning disability can save a lot of money, prevent a lot of crime, and help our youth and adolescents become healthy successful adults.

Section 504 and Learning Disabilities

Find out what Section/Rule 504 is, who is covered, and what the school’s role is in disabilities that fall under this rule. Other things like mono, or other physical problems that keep teens from attending school for a prolonged period of time and puts them behind may be covered. Learn more about how you can use Section 504 to get your teen the help he/she needs.

Learning Disability Warning Signs

Learn the signs and symptoms of a learning disorder to help you identify if your child or teen has a learning disability that needs attention. Familiarity with the warning signs of a learning disability can help you notice a problem in early childhood, allowing you more time for treatment and coping techniques that can help you child/teen succeed.

Learning Disability Types

This article explains several types of learning disabilities. It includes dyslexia, ADHD, and other less common learning disorders. Learn more about how these learning disabilities can affect your teenager that may be struggling in school. Understanding the type of learning disorder your teen struggles with is the first step in getting them the help they need to succeed.

Learning Disability Treatment

Learning disability (LD) treatment options for parents of a child or teen with a LD. Learn about the process of creating an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and how it can help a teen with a LD achieve success in school. Involve your teen in his/her IEP as well as teachers, counselors, or any other professionals that can offer their services to help your teen succeed.

Individual Education Plan – IEP

This article explains the benefits of an IEP, the process, and other details about Individual Education Plans for teens. See how IEP’s can help a teenager with learning disabilities create an education plan that works for him/her. IEP’s are an important tool in helping teens with learning disabilities achieve success at school.

Finding an Educational Consultant

Finding an educational consultant to fit a troubled teens individual needs can be difficult. If your teen is having trouble in school, an Educational Consultant can be of great help. Learn how to find and use an educational consultant in this article.