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Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

Boarding School Jobs

Looking for a boarding school job? Not all sites that appear to be helpful in finding boarding school jobs actually are. This article gives some

Wilderness Schools

Because there are several different types of wilderness schools, it’s important to know the different kinds and what their aims and purposes are. This article

International Schools

An international school can be a school that is on foreign soil, one that provides an international credential, or one at which students are trained

West Coast Boarding Schools

The West Coast or Pacific Coast includes California, Oregon, and Washington, though Arizona and Nevada are sometimes included. West Coast boarding schools are schools with

Canada Boarding Schools

Canada boarding schools, like American boarding schools, have a variety of different characters, but there are fewer types. To learn more about Canada boarding schools,

Military Academies

There are several different types of educational institution referred to as “military academies.” Read this article to understand the differences between them and understand what

Boarding School Reviews

Boarding school reviews evaluate boarding schools based on criteria or judgments made by outsiders and students and sometimes based on data supplied directly by the

College Prep Schools

Learn about what a college prep school is, the different types of college preparatory schools and what the various benefits a college preparatory school might

UK Boarding Schools

Eton and Harrow are perhaps the most famous of the UK boarding schools, but there’s more, much more. Learn more about the boarding schools of

East Coast Boarding Schools

“East Coast” can either refer to the corridor between Boston and Washington, D.C. or to the United States east of Detroit and North of Savannah,