Boarding School Jobs

Looking for a boarding school job? Not all sites that appear to be helpful in finding boarding school jobs actually are. This article gives some hints and tips for locating boarding school jobs.

Boarding School Job Site to Skip

Although a great place to get information about different boarding schools—which might help you learn enough to begin deciding whether you’d want to work there—when seeking job openings, the jobs page ( ) is a washout. It ostensibly offers the ability to search by State, Region, or Country, but the country drop-down menu has no options, and one is forced to choose a limiter in one of these geographical designators. So, it’s badly designed. Worse, it has no data: after searching through all the regional options (New England, Mid-Atlantic, South, Southwest, West, Midwest), not one job turned up. Even if they do come up with some data, the requirement to limit the search could be problematic. But you can use this page to discover more about schools that do have job openings.

Boarding School Job Site to Check Infrequently

Slightly more success was achieved with The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) Job Board ( ). This site offers better search criteria, with 26 job categories (from teacher to admissions to coaching to residential life to health services), ability to specify salary, work year, full time or part time job and location. Problems are immediately obvious when looking at the location choices, which are limited to Michigan, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Vaud, and Virginia. (Vaud is a city in Switzerland). Since it seems that the locations are added as jobs are posted, the small number of areas suggests that not many people are using the site. All in all, there are 11 jobs listed, which you can discover by choosing all the checkboxes and leaving the salary indeterminate. Current job offerings include a Director of Athletics at in New York, a Residence Hall Counselor in Michigan, and a Librarian/Learning Resource Specialist in Vaud, Switzerland.

Best Boarding School Job Sites

The best sites to keep an eye on for boarding school jobs include those of associations of boarding schools that post up-to-date job listings and are widely used. Here are some worthwhile ones:

• National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)—NAIS has a page of services for job seekers, who can post resumes, search for openings, and apply for jobs.

• Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States (AMCSUS)—AMCSUS features a career center for job seekers seeking posts at its member schools.

• Standards in Excellence And Learning (SEA+L)—This Canadian site has a job list for Canadian boarding schools with seven postings in the last seven days and search criteria to narrow your search.

• National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP)—NATSAP has a job search with filters for job type and program type, as well as a keyword function. There are currently 64 jobs on offer, and they range from direct care to administrative to education to outdoor.