Military Schools in Illinois

Among the military schools in the U.S., there are five military schools in Illinois. This article provids an overview and information on the military schools in Illinois.

Overview of Military Schools in Illinois

Illinois is home to five public college preparatory military schools, all of which are coeducational, and all of which serve grades 9 through 12:

  • Carver Military Academy on Doty Avenue
  • Chicago Military Academy at Bronzeville on Giles Avenue
  • Marine Math & Science Academy (aka Marine Military Academy) on South Campbell
  • Phoenix Military Academy on South Campbell
  • Rickover Naval Academy on Glenwood Avenue.

Here is an introduction to the five military schools in Illinois.

The Five Military Schools in Illinois

• Carver Military Academy— Carver Military Academy grew out of Carver Area High School, becoming the first public military academy converted from a regular high school in 2000, with a JROTC cadet requirement. Its vision is to be the “top-rated college prep academy in the state.” It currently offers 12 sports and has about 495 students.

The Carver Military Academy website is here:

• Chicago Military Academy at Bronzeville—Chicago Military Academy at Bronzeville developed as part of the Bronzeville revitalization effort to establish CMA  in the renovated Eighth Regiment Armory, where the National African-American Military Museum is also housed. JROTC participation is mandatory, as is a four-year college preparatory curriculum. Oddly, the list of all current classes on the website does not include any JROTC classes. AP classes are offered only in English at this time. It has about 507 students.

The Chicago Military Academy at Bronzeville website is here:

Marine Math & Science Academy—Marine Math and Science Academy website provides no background on the founding of the school. A downloadable brochure says that Marine Military Academy is the “first Marine Corps JROTC Academy in Chicago Public Schools,” but JROTC is the only subject area in which no classes are listed on the website as being currently offered. The mission, as stated in the brochure, includes a college-preparatory curriculum and mandatory 4 years of JROTC classes. It has 13 sports and clubs, including Color Guard, Drill Team, and Mathletes. It has about 122 students.

The Marine Math & Science Academy website is here:

Phoenix Military Academy—Phoenix Military Academy provides portions of a proposal for a “small school-within-a-school plan for JROTC Service Corps Academy at Phoenix Military Academy,” but there is not explanation of what stage this plan is at or how it has been implemented. It has been named an “Honor Unit with Distinction by the Department of the Army for the school years 2008–2011. It offers 11 sports and a Chess Club. It has about 311 students.

The Phoenix Military Academy website is here:

• Rickover Naval Academy—Rickover Naval Academy (officially Hyman G. Rickover Naval Academy, known as RNA) opened in September 2005. Within a few years, it had become the number one military academy in Chicago and the top school in Area 26 of the Chicago Public Schools, according to the RNA website. They offer AP United States History, AP English Literature and Composition, and AP Physics B. Naval Science is required all four years. The school offers 7 sports, 6 military activities, and 9 other school clubs.

The Rickover Naval Academy website is here:

In reviewing these five schools’ Scorecards on the Chicago Public Schools website, it was found that:

  • None of the schools are on probation
  • Rickover and Phoenix have earned Excellent Standing, and the other three schools Good Standing, but show mixed performance.
  • Rickover had the best results in 2010 in reading and math, with 56.5% of students 58% meeting or exceeding state standards in those subjects respectively; Phoenix was not far behind.
  • Phoenix had the best results in 2010 in science with 45.9% of students meeting or exceeding expectations; Rickover was not far behind.