Military Schools in Wisconsin

Looking for military schools in Wisconsin? This article offers information on two military schools in Wisconsin, the Kenosha Military Academy and St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy. Keep reading to find out if either of these military schools are what you are looking for.

Overview of Military Schools in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is home to two very different military-style college preparatory schools one public and one private. Kenosha Military Academy (KMA) and St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy are located about 60 miles apart, with Kenosha Military Academy being almost due south of Milwaukee, close to Lake Michigan and St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy being almost due west of Milwaukee. Here is an introduction to the two military schools in Wisconsin.

The Two Military Schools in Wisconsin

• Kenosha Military Academy—Kenosha Military Academy is part of Indian Trail High School & Academy. The Indian Trail Academy is a magnet high school in the Kenosha, Wisconsin Unified School District. Indian Trail High School & Academy is made up of four academies in total: Biotechnology and Environmental Studies Academy, Business and International Studies Academy, Communications Academy, and Kenosha Military Academy. KMA students are distinguished from other students in the wider school by their Class A army uniforms.

Besides four-year JROTC participation, the Leadership, Education, and Training (LET) course is required of students in all four years, and Military History is a required course in the senior year. Participation is also expected in the student’s choice of extracurricular activities including the Color Guard, the Sabre Guard, the Armed Drill Team, the Unarmed Drill Team, and the Raiders.

The program prepares students for general civilian leadership, for careers in the military, and for college ROTC program participation. Kenosha Military Academy is recognized as a feeder school for Marquette University’s ROTC program.

The Kenosha Military Academy website is here:

• St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy—St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy, founded in 1884, has a 110-acre campus. It is a boys’ school offering grades 7 through 12 boarding school and grades 6 through 12 as a day school, with a post-graduate year. offered The student body of 300 students is 98% boarding and 30% international. The school offers ESL courses. Thirty-three percent of the faculty have an advanced degree.

The current school represents a merge between St. John’s Military Academy and Northwestern Military & Naval Academy that took place in 1995. The school’s four goals are the strengthen cadets’ characters, to help them achieve academic excellence, to help them become both physically and mentally fit, and to assist them in becoming leaders.

St. John’s is affiliated with the Episcopal Church and has two full-time chaplains. Students are part of the Corps of Cadets, as well as JROTC, and as well as the Corps of Cadets parades and acting as the Honor Guard for the Governor of Wisconsin, students can participate in the Silver Rifles Exhibition Drill Team, the Raiders, and the Rifle Team.

Seven AP/Advanced courses and 16 interscholastic sports are offered.  Noted alumni of St. John’s include actor Spencer Tracy and former President of Panama, Martin Torrijos.

The St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy website is here:

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