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Military Schools in Wisconsin

Looking for military schools in Wisconsin? This article offers information on two military schools in Wisconsin, the Kenosha Military Academy and St. John’s Northwestern Military

Military Schools in Pennsylvania

Overview of Military Schools in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania is home to three college preparatory military schools. One is The Philadelphia Military Academy at Leeds (PMA), a

Military Schools in New York

Are you looking for military schools within the US? This article offers information on three military schools in New York.  Get info on all three

Military Schools in Missouri

This article offers an overview of military schools in Missouri as well as military school reviews for three military schools in Missouri including a Cleveland

Military Schools in New Jersey

There are not many military schools in New Jersey. However, the two military schools in New Jersey are very specialized.  This article has information on

Military Schools in Indiana

This Military Schools in Indiana article offers information on the two military schools located in Indiana. Overview of Military Schools in Indiana Indiana is home

Military Schools in Illinois

Among the military schools in the U.S., there are five military schools in Illinois. This article provids an overview and information on the military schools

Military Schools in Georgia

This article gives on overview of military schools in Georgia as well as specific details on 3 top military schools in Georgia.  Whether you are

Military Schools in Florida

Among Florida K–12 schools are four military schools that are accredited by recognized agencies. Two are private/independent, and the other two are public/charter schools. Read

Military Schools in Virginia

Virginia is home of the largest number of accredited military schools that serve K–12 students in the United States. Of its seven schools, six are