CategoryTypes of Boarding Schools

Summer Boarding School

A number of boarding schools offer summer programs. Summer boarding school can be a time to catch up on academics, participate in traditional summer camp

Public Boarding School

The words “public” and “boarding school” are usually found in opposition to each other, on the assumption that boarding schools are private schools. But this

Boarding High Schools

Boarding high schools are the most common type of boarding school in the US. They exist both as freestanding schools for grades 9 through 12

Catholic Boarding Schools

The tradition of religiously affiliated boarding schools is a long one, and this is certainly the case for Catholic boarding schools. This article provides information

Boys Boarding Schools

Does boys boarding schools conjure up images of institutions like the one in “A Separate Peace” or “Dead Poet Society”? There’s a lot more to

Military Boarding Schools

Often referred to—by themselves and others—as “military academies,” military boarding schools, which may be boys-only or coeducational are a segment of college preparatory schools that

ADHD Boarding Schools

In the 21st century, the range of boarding schools that are prepared to accept a student with ADHD is very broad. This article explores types

Coed Boarding Schools

Once unheard of, coeducational boarding schools are now very popular. There are many types and kinds of coed boarding schools. This article helps sort them

Girls Boarding Schools

If you have little background knowledge about girls boarding schools, you may hold an image of college preparatory schools with strait-laced ways. If this is

Christian Boarding Schools

Christian boarding schools are not always recognizable by name, and include schools from a number of denominations, as well as non-denominational schools. To learn more