Christian Boarding Schools

Christian boarding schools are not always recognizable by name, and include schools from a number of denominations, as well as non-denominational schools. To learn more about Christian boarding schools, keep reading.

Christian Boarding School Denominations

While there are many secular boarding schools, the focus of which may be college preparatory, therapeutic, military, or athletic training, there are also religious boarding schools. The Christian boarding schools vary in the role that religion plays in their programs, and many, if not most, admit students from other denominations, though all students may be required to attend chapel, for example. Boarding schools in the United States include the following denominations and descriptions:

• Anglican

• Assemblies of God

• Augustinian (Catholic)

• Baptist

• Catholic

• Christian

• Dominican (Catholic)

• Episcopal

• Free Methodist

• Moravian

• Non-denominational

• Presbyterian

• Quaker

• Society of Friends

• United Methodist

Christian Boarding Schools and College Preparatory Schools

Some of the most famous and most highly-regarded college preparatory schools are Christian boarding schools. Trinity School in New York City, which Forbes named as the best prep school in America in 2010 is a school with an Episcopalian heritage where attendance at Chapel is required, and a school chaplain who is an Episcopal priest is present, but students of all faith backgrounds are welcome. St. Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire, also with an Episcopalian affiliation, is number 8 on the Forbes list. At the Groton School, 15th on the Forbes list, the Episcopal affiliation is longstanding, but besides daily chapel, the worship requirement is that students attend one of the following:

• the Buddhist-Hindu Sangha

• Catholic Mass

• Episcopal Service

• Islamic Society Meeting or

• Jewish Services,

providing for a diverse student body, while attempting to keep the spiritual life in focus for all.

Christian Boarding Schools and Military Academies

A number of the military academies have a Christian affiliation. For example, the Benedictine Military School in Savannah, Georgia is a Catholic institution. The Texams Military Institute, TMI in San Antonio is also known as The Episcopal School of Texas, clarifying its heritage as a military academy with a religious bent.

Christian Boarding Schools and Therapeutic Schools

As with other types of boarding schools, there are also various types of therapeutic schools with Christian affiliations:

• Evangel House® Christian Academy., is a therapeutic boarding school that affiliated with the Assemblies of God. It is located in St. Martinville, Lousiana and accepts girls aged 12–18 who have behavior problems, academic issues, family problems, mild to moderate mood disorders, or issues with substance abuse, providing its curriculum through Lighthouse Christian Academy.

• Clearview Horizon, Inc. is a Christian-based therapeutic boarding school in Sandpoint, Idaho that uses the 12-Step program in girls age 13–21 deal with destructive behaviors, eating disorders, learning disabilities, sexual abuse, and substance abuse.

Turn-About Ranch is a coeducational treatment ranch that helps boys and girls 13 to 17 deal with defiance of various types.