Military Schools for Girls

Military schools for girls are either private schools that became coeducational after being an all-boys school or are public schools, and therefore coeducational by definition. Whether public or private, military schools for girls will have an admissions process: because students will be expected to adhere to the Cadet Creed, they are expected to be well-behaved young people of good character and with strong academic performance shown in their record.

Military schools are college-preparatory schools with a mandatory JROTC for girls program associated with one of the branches of the United States Armed Forces, for example, Army, Air Force, Navy, or Marines. Military schools for girls aim to provide a high-quality academic program integrated with leadership training in order to provide students with the basis for assuming prominent positions in the private sector or the Armed Forces. There is no service commitment connected to attending a military school, but there may be definite advantages for students who do seek a military career.

The public military schools are part of a public school district and accredited by their state. The private military schools are accredited by one or more of the approved accreditation organizations. You should never consider sending your daughter to any school that is called a military school but that does not have proper accreditation.

Public military schools restrict admissions to students in their immediate neighborhood or vicinity. This means that only people who happen to live near one can attend. There are currently public military schools in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Chicago, Illinois; Charleston Heights, South Carolina; Forestville, Maryland; Kenosha, Wisconsin; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Richmond, Virginia; Sandy Hook, New Jersey, Saint Louis, Missouri, and Wilmington, Delaware. Many public high schools have a non-mandatory JROTC program that girls may participate in, as an alternative if you do not live near a public military school and prefer not to or cannot send your daughter to a private military school.

Private military schools for girls include 12 coeducational military schools, most of which include middle school, and one of which begins with Pre-kindergarten. Almost all of them offer a choice of day or boarding school type attendance, and while some of them are affiliated with a particular denomination—Episcopal or Methodist—most are non-denominational Christian. Here they are, arranged by grade levels accepted. The asterisk indicates that a post-graduate year is available:

American Military Academy                           PK to 12           Guaynabo, PR

Howe Military School                                     5 to 12               Howe, IN

Admiral Farragut Academy                           6 to 12               St. Petersburg, FL

Florida Air Academy                                       6 to 12               Melbourne, FL

Georgia Military College Prep School         6 to 12              Milledgeville, GA

Randolph-Macon Academy                           6 to 12 *           Front Royal, VA

Oak Ridge Military Academy                         7 to 12               Oak Ridge, NC

Massanutten Military Academy                     7 to 12 *            Woodstock, VA

New York Military Academy                          7 to 12 *             Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY

TMI -The Episcopal School of Texas            8 to 12             San Antonio, TX

New Mexico Military Institute                         9 to 12 *            Roswell, NM

Wentworth Military Academy & College        9 to 12 *          Lexington, MO