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Is Military School for Kids?

Is military school for kids? It is important to clarify what type of military school you are asking about when it comes to youth. There

Military Schools in Wisconsin

Looking for military schools in Wisconsin? This article offers information on two military schools in Wisconsin, the Kenosha Military Academy and St. John’s Northwestern Military

Why Choose Military Schools

Military schools may not be the best choice for all. So, why choose military schools? Because military schools offer what some families need. If you

Free Military Schools

Before deciding that military school is not financially feasible, it’s a good idea to find out what the cost would actually be. It might not

Military Schools in Pennsylvania

Overview of Military Schools in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania is home to three college preparatory military schools. One is The Philadelphia Military Academy at Leeds (PMA), a

Christian Military Schools

Christian military schools are only found among the private military schools, not the public military schools, as one might expect. What may be surprising to

Military Schools in New York

Are you looking for military schools within the US? This article offers information on three military schools in New York.  Get info on all three

Military Schools vs. Public Schools

When comparing military schools vs. public schools it is important to note we are comparing private military schools (which are essentially boarding schools) to public

Military Schools in Missouri

This article offers an overview of military schools in Missouri as well as military school reviews for three military schools in Missouri including a Cleveland

Military Schools for Girls

Military schools for girls are either private schools that became coeducational after being an all-boys school or are public schools, and therefore coeducational by definition.