CategoryTroubled Teen Options

Troubled teen options include therapy, boarding school, treatment programs and many other types of treatment for struggling youth. This category is to help parents find troubled teen schools or treatment options locally.

Boarding School Jobs

Looking for a boarding school job? Not all sites that appear to be helpful in finding boarding school jobs actually are. This article gives some

Military Schools in Georgia

This article gives on overview of military schools in Georgia as well as specific details on 3 top military schools in Georgia.  Whether you are

Military School Requirements

Military school requirements are different from those of public or private schools.  Military school requirements are more along the lines of a college prep school. 

Military Schools in Florida

Among Florida K–12 schools are four military schools that are accredited by recognized agencies. Two are private/independent, and the other two are public/charter schools. Read

Wilderness Schools

Because there are several different types of wilderness schools, it’s important to know the different kinds and what their aims and purposes are. This article

International Schools

An international school can be a school that is on foreign soil, one that provides an international credential, or one at which students are trained

Military Schools in Virginia

Virginia is home of the largest number of accredited military schools that serve K–12 students in the United States. Of its seven schools, six are

Military Schools in California

There are four currently K-12 operating military schools in California—two private/independent and two public/charter—that are accredited by recognized agencies. Read this article to find out

Military Schools in Texas

Once the home of as many as thirty military schools, Texas now has two accredited military schools that serve K–12 students. Read on for more

How to Apply to a Military School

Once you’ve narrowed down your selection of potential military schools to those that are best suited to your child and circumstances, it’s time to begin