Teen Heartache: Breaking Up

Finding yourself agreeing to every sad teen love song playing on the radio? You have probably just broken up with somebody and the emptiness, sadness, and heartache are not fun feelings. This article will give you tips on how to get over a break up and move on.

If you just broke up with him or her, you are likely experiencing many different negative emotions. Here are some things to help get you over the intense first part after the breakup.

  • Clean out: get rid of all the stuff that reminds you of him or her. Or maybe just hide it so that you forget what it means.
  • Avoid your teenage ex: many times teens want to see if anything can be changed or if they can talk their old boyfriend or girlfriend into trying it again. Be very cautious, it can be like ripping off the bandage and keeping the pain fresh.
  • Write: sometimes sitting down and actually writing out all your negative thoughts and feelings can help you blow off steam. Then your writings can serve as a reminder to why you broke off and give yourself future advice in choosing the next boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • Do something fun or totally crazy: many times going out with family or friends can be just the thing you need to de-stress and get happy.

The pain probably won’t just go away with these above tips, but they should help. Here are some long-term solutions that can help you move on and avoid emotional problems.

  • Crying can be very healthy. Let it out whenever you need to, however, it is best to do it away from public situations. Find a friend’s shoulder to cry on.
  • Keep lines of communication open with family and friends. Talk about what happened and let them comfort you. Discuss things you wish you could change and make goals to better yourself.
  • Reach out. Forgetting your own problems and helping others is a wonderful way to get to know new people and find joy.
  • Keep busy. Do things you like to do and don’t get behind on your schoolwork or other activities.
  • Understand that it might take time to get over the break up. The heartache might suddenly appear while listening to a favorite song, etc. Find things to make you happy.
  • Take care of yourself. Maybe change something about your appearance or have a night where you totally pamper yourself. Also, keep up the good eating habits and exercise. Both of those promote positive thoughts and feelings.

And above all, think about you! List all the great talents, abilities, and skills you have. Keep yourself positive about yourself. If needed, have family members or friends help you keep your self-esteem high. You are amazing and hopefully soon, another teen boyfriend or girlfriend will see that.

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