Boarding School Options

boarding school options

Parenting teenagers is full of decisions, with some of the main decisions surrounding education. This article will consider boarding school options and how you, as a parent, can help your teen decide what is educationally available.

First, what are the types of boarding schools? You could argue there are many types of boarding schools as each school strives for their own ideal. However, for simplification, a boarding school is a school one attends as well as lives at, similar to an on-campus college experience. Here are some of the main types of boarding schools:

  • Military Schools – Usually ran by the government and require uniforms and drills. These usually have stringent schedules and follow a military structure.
  • Religious Schools – Schools ran by a specific religious organization. Usually religous classes are required as part of the curriculum.
  • Junior Boarding Schools – Schools before high school, most are comparable to junior high schools, however there are elementary boarding schools available.
  • Male Schools – boy boarding schools.
  • Female Schools – girl boarding schools.
  • Arts Schools – Schools that focus on training within the arts, music, and performance.
  • 5-Day Boarding Schools – Schools were the students only stay for the weekdays, however some of these have weekend options for boarding.

So what are some of the pros and cons to sending your teenager to a boarding school?


  1. Most boarding schools emphasize structure and discipline. Uniforms are often required and/or certain hairstyles as evidenced by the military schools.
  2. Boarding schools promote high educational aims. Many teachers have advanced degrees. This will likely encourage your teenager to continue on in their educational pursuits.
  3. Students experience a community of others who are also living on their own. There is a support system of teachers, advisors, and students who help your teenager become adjusted. This usually makes going on to higher education an easier step.
  4. Boarding schools can be an important option for those teenagers who live in a dangerous environment or who have made bad choices. Boarding schools can give your child real-life experiences of living on their own in a structured and safe environment.


  1. Your teenager lives away from home. Visits can be costly and scheduling those visits within the school schedule can be difficult.
  2. Boarding schools are usually a more expensive option than public orĀ private schools.
  3. It is a large commitment that should not be taken lightly.

Arguably, you could interchange some of those pros and cons. As a parent, you may be excited to get your teenager out of the house, or on the other hand, maybe structure and discipline would be hard on your teenager. Nonetheless, boarding schools are an option that should be considered when looking at your teenagers educational goals.

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