Puberty 101

puberty faq

Sometimes you might think your body is going crazy during puberty. Puberty causes your body to go through many changes -physical, sexual, and emotional changes. This information can help you determine how you are changing and what to expect.

Puberty info for Teen Girls:

Teen girls bodies change during puberty so they will be able to have babies. Puberty usually starts for girls anywhere from 9 to 13. The following are some of the changes a girl goes through as her body turns into a woman’s body.

  • Breasts get larger and you will need to get a┬ábra. By the time you graduate from high school, your breasts will probably be their normal size.
  • Hair will appear in between your legs and under your arms. Many teens choose to shave their hair although there is not a medical reason to do this.
  • Your hips will become wider, and your waist becomes smaller. Pretty much, you become more curvy.
  • You start your menstrual cycle every month in something called your “period.” It is vaginal bleeding accompanied by other symptoms including cramping, bloating, and emotional upheaval. After you get your period, you can get pregnant.

Puberty info for Teen Boys

Teen boys’ puberty starts anywhere from 10 to 16 years old. Your body goes through a lot of growth spurts.

  • Your voice will become deeper and may crack as it changes. As you get older, your voice will stay deep.
  • Your body and muscles will get bigger and stronger. You should get taller and your shoulders should broaden.
  • Hair will appear in many places throughout your body, including your face. Some high schools require that you shave your face, but again, there is no proven medical reason to do so.
  • You will start producing sperm. Your penis will grow and you may sometimes have “wet dreams” where you wake up after you have released your semen in the night. This should stop as you get older.

Puberty info for all Teens

All teens will grow taller and bigger as they get older. They also will go through the following changes:

  • Skin changes: this also depends on genes and diet, but your skin gets oily and acne may break out. Happily, this usually disappears by the end of the teen years and there are cleansers that can help.
  • Smell: with the advent of hair and more sweat glands, teens will start to smell under their arms. Deodorant, perfumes and colognes can mask the smell.
  • Sex: teens become more interested in sex as your body┬ábecomes ready to have sex. Do not let people pressure you to have sex and understand the consequences of having sex (i.e. pregnancy, sexual disease, and relationship problems).

Finally your emotions may be crazy as well. Talk with other people when you get upset, sad, and/or confused. Take good care of yourself, don’t compare yourself with other teens, and enjoy the new changes as you go through puberty.

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