Teen Drug Abuse Treatment

Getting treatment for a teen drug abuse program may be necessary if your teenager is involved with drugs. Substance abuse treatment comes in two main forms: short-term and long-term. Depending on the types of drugs your teen is using, and how long he or she has been addicted, some substance abuse treatment programs may work better than others. It is important for you to carefully consider the options for your teenager so that he or she can get the best possible help. Throughout the entire substance abuse treatment process, however, it is important for you to be supportive and helpful. Teen drug abuse is not easy to overcome and your teenager will need all the help he or she can get.

Short-term substance abuse treatment programs

Most teen drug abuse problems are treated using short-term programs. A short-term substance abuse program is one that lasts less than six months. Here are some of the treatment programs considered short-term:

  • Residential therapy. Short-term residential substance abuse treatment programs are designed for teens to stay for three to six weeks in a facility designed to help them detox and overcome their addictions. Often, however, there is an outpatient phase that calls for a 12-step program, or similar follow-up treatment program over the course of a few more weeks.
  • Medication therapy. This helps the teen overcome drug addiction with the help of specially prescribed medications. These medications usually help suppress withdrawal symptoms that can cause teens to relapse into drug abuse. They can also be antidepressants designed to help teens overcome feelings of hopelessness.

Long-term substance abuse treatment programs

Treatment programs that last longer than six months are known as long-term treatment programs. If your teenager is heavily involved in opiates, or has been addicted for a long time, a long-term substance abuse treatment program may be necessary. Teen drug use can put a deep hold on your teenager, and he or she may need months to recover from his or her drug abuse. Here are two of the long-term substance abuse treatment programs:

  • Therapeutic communities. A therapeutic community is a residential drug abuse treatment arrangement in which a teen with a drug use problem can stay for six to 12 months. These communities are designed to help teenagers who have long histories of drug dependence. They are also helpful for teens whose drug use has led them to become involved in criminal activities. Therapeutic communities focus on re-socializing teens that have become steeped in a drug society.
  • Methadone maintenance programs. These programs are often used for teens whose drug use included opiate dependence. The methadone clinic makes use of medical treatment with medication to help beat the opiate dependence problem. Many clinics also offer counseling and therapy. These are more complex treatment centers with a wide variety of services.

Finding treatment for teen drug abuse can be a daunting task. However, it is possible to find treatment centers across the country. However, it is necessary that you take an active role in helping your teenager overcome his or her drug use problem.

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