Teen After School Hours

After school hours for teens are a crucial time. This time is either used for growth and development or it can be used for high risk behaviors like teen drug use. It is important for parents and educators to make sure that teens have what they need during these hours of the day.

The National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center states that these hours are when very high risk behavior including criminal activity, drug use and alcohol use take place for teens. Most experts will agree that after school programs keep kids safe and boost the teens academic progress.
Each day in our country about 8 million kids of all ages including teens are left unattended after school. 90% of us say that we think that after school programs should be available to everyone but most people will say that it is hard to find such programs in their communities.
The definition of an after school program is a safe environment with structured activities that meets regularly. In these programs teens are supervised, learn new skills and hobbies, and learn how to be responsible adults. The hours between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. are when teens are at the highest risk of being a victim of teen violence. Between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. is when the most juvenile criminal activity takes place.
Teens who do not take part in extra curricular activities or after school programs are 49% more likely to use drugs. and they are 37% more likely to become teen parents. Students who have a better chance at beating these statistics spend one to four hours per week in extra curricular activities and/or after school programs. This same group of kids that take part in these activities are less likely to display behavioral problems.